Poetry, Religion

Can You Please Answer Me?


Before I ask my questions,
Allow me to explain my intention.
I’m not here to start a debate.
No, that’s not what I want to initiate.

I’m just here to express some questions of mine.
I need answers that are solid, not sublime.
Because the answers I’ve received from time to time,
Are more like riddles, distracting my mind.

Who is right? Who is wrong?
A question that has bothered me for too long.
Where should I go? Who should I believe in?
I clearly don’t know whose side I should listen.

They claim others are wrong,
They claim that they are right.
Every one of them has their own song
That they say will bring you closer to the light.

All of them have these eloquent depictions,
Which they implore everybody to take heed and listen.
They talk about a being, that’s so divine,
A being that will save me if I fall in line.

All of them claim that they want to do good.
I honestly don’t know if that’s the truth
Because they are too focused
On recruiting people for their cause.
That’s why I feel like I’m at a loss,
Because they are clearly defying their own laws.

“Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,”
Yet they claim that others are deceivers.
“Thou shall not kill,”
Yet they slay people, claiming it’s their God’s will.

I’m not trying to talk anyone down, I’m just saying.
I’m simply stating my observations and what I’m seeing.
I think that nobody is right and nobody is wrong.
I think we should all just get along.

Instead of trying to act clean and holy,
Can’t they just try to respect each other?
Must there always be a victor?
Are your actions accepted by the Almighty?
That’s the biggest question I have.
Isn’t God supposed to be love?
Aren’t we all childrens of the Father?
Then why can’t we unite like sisters and brothers?
If not, I guess we’ll all burn in the fiery sulfur.


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