corruption, money, Poetry

A Putrid Management


A government should aid its people.
A government should guide its constituents.
A government should protect its residents.
A government should be fair and equal.

But in my beloved country,
We have a different story.
The government is the one causing grief
Because it is the biggest thief.

Funds for projects are suddenly missing.
No one truly knows where it has gone.
All we know is that they’re wasting
A valuable resource and giving it to their sons.

My fellow countrymen are dying for nothing.
The Fallen 44, such brave soldiers.
They were sent in as lambs to the slaughter.
They were slain by men from the very country they’re protecting.

Promises made are promises broken.
False promises are shouted during election campaigns.
But once they lead and govern,
Their promises become disappointments and pains.

This is the miserable reality
Of my beloved country.
Corruption runs amok,
Spreading anarchy and havoc.
If you fancy a country with no justice and discipline,
Come and visit us, it’s more fun in the Philippines!


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