honesty, Poetry

Wandering Eyes


I wish I had the strength
To do such extreme lengths.
Like gouging my eyes out,
Until all its perversions are spat out.

I wish I didn’t get to see,
Elegance, magnificence and beauty.
A blind man is what I’d rather be.
Than to live a life with lecherous visuality.

You see, I am unfair to others
And ultimately to myself.
My head turns from one place to another.
It’s a trait that I wish I could throw away some place else.

Even though I know that scientifically,
I have been wired genetically
To scour the land for a suitable mate,
I still wish I didn’t have this feeling that’s innate.

See, it hurts me more than anyone else.
It makes me cringe, making me look down on myself.
Because I see beauties that’ll never be mine.
Because my eyes should only be for the person whose mine.

I’ve tried and tried.
I’ve lost count at how many times I tried.
Unfortunately, it’s something I just can’t prevent.
Believe me, I wish I could stop it and that’s my full intent.

But I just can’t, that’s why I resorted
To plucking out my eyes.
It may be crazy and stupid,
But I know that it’s better than telling lies.

Though I know these feelings are fleeting at best,
I still don’t want to be like the rest.
That’s why I’ll make a change, I’ll talk to myself and suggest:
Try looking at their hearts instead of their butts, face and breast.


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