photographs and memories, Poetry

A Simple Picture


As I was scanning the images in my phone, left and right,
I saw your pictures last night.
I saw your beauty again, along with its imperfections.
I saw the eyes that made me fall in love like it was an addiction.

I remembered the times that we spent together.
The times filled with joy and laughter.
The times that we filled the night with love.
The times when we were both floating above.

Above cloud nine, yeah those were the days.
Then I remembered how our love soured in different ways.
Joy was replaced with anger
While jealousy took place over laughter.

Our love quickly spiraled down and we soon lost it.
Our love was now in broken pieces and shattered bits.
Our love was left to be a former shadow of itself.
Our love became a poisonous liquid and we drank it ourselves.

But despite the bad ending that we got
And though our story ended up in misery,
I still love you along with our not so pleasant memories.
I still love you for who you are and we’ll always be tied with a knot.


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