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Just Keep My Mouth Shut


Maybe it’s time I took caution for what I say.
‘Cause I’ve noticed things go bad that way.
It seems my tactlessness can’t be handled by some.
It seems as though it’s bad to be the honest one.

I’ve noticed that the words I say can hurt people.
It makes them retreat in their shells like a turtle.
But why do they react like that?
Is it really that bad?

Or is it because some people just can’t handle the truth?
If so, then I guess it’s bad to bear the honest fruit.
Or maybe they can’t handle it because they’re lying to themselves?
If so, then I guess it’s best to leave them by themselves.

I guess it’s time that I really just keep quiet.
I guess it’s time to let people and things be as they want it.
Honestly, I’m tired of showing that I care
Only to be misunderstood by people as bias and unfair.
This time, my honesty, opinion and advice is something they’ll never hear.


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