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Go On And Move On


Go on and live your life, don’t worry about me.
Go ahead and move on and focus on being happy.
Don’t mind me because I’m used to being lonely.
I’m used to keeping misery as my own company.

Don’t think about the nights that we spent cuddling.
Don’t think about the days that we wasted hugging.
Forget about the times in which we both were laughing
And don’t even recall all the moments that we were loving.

Loving each other and being in each other’s arms.
Erase those memories when we protected each other from harm.
Obliterate those thoughts that we treated each other like charms.
Go ahead and find yourself a greener pasture and a farm.

Don’t wallow in our past that was filled with love.
Filled with hugs and kisses which was a gift from above.
Go ahead and fly like a beautiful little dove
And let me drown in my sorrows ’cause they fit just like a glove.


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