Dysfunctional Love


When anger creeps up to your core.
When it begins to seep out of your pores.
When clenching your fist has become typical.
When fighting becomes too normal.
Bickering and pain becomes all the usual.

Shouts emanating from the room.
A man pushes his partner and hits her with a broom.
A woman spits venomous words that only brings gloom.
A quarrel taken too far resulting in doom.

Is this what love is truly about?
Letting negative emotions speak aloud?
Isn’t love supposed to make you feel happy and proud?
So why are couples so full of doubt?

I don’t even know anymore
And I don’t think there is a cure.
People always allow those monsters to reign.
They always let them set fire to the rain.
They always make them continue the pain.


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