Walking Backwards


I woke up and wiped the drool on my face.
I got up and stretched my back that ached.
I went downstairs and stared at the mirror.
I stared into my eyes which were filled with horror.
Tired eyes with hints of gloom.
Lifeless eyes deprived of boon.

Why? Because of a hideous fate and that is the rat race.
A trap with billions of participants and I am now part of the chase.
Sleep, wake up and eat.
Go to work, go home and repeat.

Have a drink with friends on the weekends.
Be a lazy sloth and forget about the goals you should tend.
Play video games, watch movies and at times watch some porn.
Go out, eat some street foods and a little bit of sweet corn.

Spending my time like this sure is fun.
Life is truly more fun in the Philippines with no intended pun.
But at the end of every day,
I can’t help but feel like I’ve wasted my life away.

I get too distracted and I begin to forget myself.
My mind then begins to drift off somewhere else.
I then lose my dream, my goal and a part of myself.
All thanks to the world’s insidious spells.

So I decided to take the day off.
I figured to just sit down and daze off.
I let my consciousness drift away to the back of my mind.
A place where I left something behind.
I simply allowed myself to have a much needed rewind.

So I traced my steps back to the beginning.
I travelled through time to retrieve a feeling.
An emotion that inspired me to keep on dreaming.
A goal I promised to keep on chasing.
I needed to remind myself why I need to keep on going.


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