being judgmental, Poetry, Religion

Isn’t It Ironic?


They say that religion makes you holy. They say religion makes you clean.
But what’s so holy about vilifying somebody?
What’s so sacred about having bad intentions from within?

Is keeping dark secrets a part of a holy man’s theme?
Or is it a part of somebody’s evil scheme?
How about killing a person in the name of their Lord?
Is that a justifiable act?
Isn’t murder something we should all abhor?
I don’t know, since justice is something that can be easily hacked.

But I do know one thing that’s a fact.
I know that religion isn’t a basis
For whether a person is good or not.
In fact, a person is good for the way they act
And not on some “holy” fallacies.
Being a good person is somebody’s decision,
Regardless of their disposition
Or whether they’re religious or not.

I do believe that religion
Was made out of good intention.
I believe it was created to help us become better persons.
I’ve seen it change people for all the right reasons.

But the truth still lingers in the air.
That some of the most “religious” people
Hides the most repugnant affair.
So just keep in mind that irony is the world’s staple
And those who you’d think are clean,
Are the ones who are actually obscene.
While those who you’d think are filthy,
Are the ones who possess a heart and soul filled with beauty.


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