Depression, Poetry

Sudden Thunder And Rain


No matter how many words I pen,
It still doesn’t alleviate the burden.
This inexplicable dread I feel within,
Can’t be released from its miserable den.

No matter how many lines I write,
It’s still inside and it doesn’t feel alright.
It’s hiding in the cracks of my broken being.
Sitting quietly in the memories I call the gallow.
A dark corner of my soul filled with horror and sorrow.
It sits motionless, with no signs of leaving.

Nothing is wrong with me,
Nothing bad happened too.
But why do I feel so empty
And why do I feel so blue?

Self-loathing, self-pity and self-conflict.
Feelings of uselessness, unworthiness and helplessness.
Negative emotions suddenly punched me on the chest.
Though I try my best
To deviate from this mess,
I definitely feel the pain it inflicts.

Maybe my demons are saying hi again
And their visiting me this time.
I’ll try to keep them away and keep myself sane.
I’ll try to fight them off my mind.


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