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Empty Shmempty

Mental Block

Running out of ideas from the back of my mind.
I thought I needed to relax more,
I thought I needed time.
But more time makes me feel so out of line
To the point that it makes me feel poor.

Poor in my chosen art, the art of poetry.
I wish I was able to write new poems everyday.
But I’m getting very discouraged lately
Because I’ve ran out of things to say.

But I don’t want to stop being a poet,
I just want to be able to do it.
But this mental block shit
Isn’t helping me one bit.

So I figured I’ll just rant my ass off
And see what that will come of.
Oh, I see I made a poem from this predicament.
But it might just be a spur of the moment.


2 thoughts on “Empty Shmempty

  1. I have to be in the right mood for poetry to be able to write it. It always amazes me when someone can churn out 1 a day, and it just floors me when I run into the rare ones who can produce 2 or 3 every day. Same thing with blog posts too though, in some ways. Not that I have to be in the mood for it (although when it comes to fiction, stories, it’s a bit more of a factor, just not as much as with poetry), but that I see people doing 3, 4, 5, and sometimes 6 posts… daily. That usually inspires me more than anything else though… some people get discouraged, but I look and see possibilities, a level *I* could reach if I just do my thing and do what feels right as I go.

    It’s like… I kind of look down on blogging when compared to writing fiction, to creating art, but I have a sort of *need* to write and I just don’t feel like writing fiction some of the time (or, sometimes, a lot of the time). That’s part of the reason I blog as much as I do. Anyways…

    Aside from my little tangent, I just wanted to say hang in there man. I think the trick to hitting bumps it to not beat yourself up to much about it. Even if you do though, look at it this way: in my experience at least, even when I can’t seem to be okay with not having anything to say, the other way it usually goes is the frustration builds, an internal pressure, until it bursts out in a new post or 4. Sticking with it for the satisfaction… sooner or later leads to satisfaction. Knowing that helps *me* deal with the dry spells I get from time to time 🙂 .

    • Thank you so much for your insight. You might know it, but everything you just said is what I really needed. I really appreciate that you took the time to type down and explain things to me and share your experiences as well. Thank you so much! 🙂

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