Alone, Poetry

The Dillema From Within


I’ve been lying to myself again.
I’ve been hiding my feelings from within.
I’ve been secretly hypnotizing my brain.
Brainwashing it ’til it loses its whim.

I don’t like doing it to myself,
But what’s difference anyways?
I’ll still be a useless book on the shelf,
You wouldn’t even hear a word I’ll say.

I’ve never been a fan of emotional drama.
But I admit, it catches up from time to time.
I guess it works just like karma.
It has a nasty habit of sneaking up from behind.

So I’ll be honest here and I’ll admit what’s wrong.
The problem is I’m not that strong.
Strong enough to face my problems head on.
I usually just turn my back until its gone.
But it’s never gone and it doesn’t walk away.
I can lead it astray, but it will always find its way.

I’m not really sure
If I can look at this dillema in the eye.
But if I don’t find a cure,
It’ll definitely haunt me ’til I die.


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