Depression, Poetry

Silent But Deadly

I wish cumulus clouds filled the sky everyday.
With a blue and clear background and the sun at bay.
I wish the leaves would always glimmer everyday
And that the rain floods never washed my happiness away.

But I am sick with an incurable virus.
Its name varies, but a lot of us always show its symptoms.
Pale, gloomy and lifeless eyes.
Colorless, not sparkling with any joy,
Watching as the time pass by,
Feeling like an abandoned and soulless toy.

Excessive eating and alcohol bingeing, those are just some.
Some of the signs that depict you have one.
One of these viruses lurking deep inside your heart.
If left uncured, it would tear its host apart.

Self harming and violent behaviors are other aspects
Of this deadly disease.
It twists the mind of its host,
Making them yearn to be deceased,
Making them feel like a lost,
Miserable and helpless insect.

Fits of gladness transform into lashes of sadness.
Like a deranged voodoo mask,
It drives its wearer to the brink of madness.
Chaos and despair is this virus’ only task.

It creeps up into the mind
Be it during dark or happy times,
There’s nothing to stop it from crossing the line
And when it’s done with its victim,
When it has choked a person with a brown-colored vine,
When it has sucked the blood dry with a razor-sharp blade,
When it has lead the brain to insanity too far for any aid,
You can expect a report from postmortem
Asking for a family or loved one to verify the dead.

I wish the sun always shines and never sets.
I wish all of us could fight this virus until the bitter end.
But it’s moments like these when you know the sun dies
And the virus knocks on your door to collect the debts
That you realize the best way to be free is to fly.
Fly freely into the wind and finally rest those heavy eyes.


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