Chasing Dreams, Depression, Disappointments, Giving Up, Poetry

I Once Had A Dream

When you hear the word “dream”
What comes into your mind?
Is it an eternal flow of grandiose fantasy?
Is it a mountain of ice cream?
Is it an image of something or someone you’ve been longing to find?
Or is it about bending the very fabrics of reality?

When I hear the word “dream”
Something inside me screams!
It shouts about a life-long goal.
A life-long conviction I’ve been trying to reach.
But as reality slowly creeps in and breach,
I find that my dream is not what’s best for all.

I say it’s not best because of what it’s done.
It only provokes my partner and that isn’t right.
I’ve been doing it for three years and the result is still none.
If I focus on it, an idea that’s not too bright,
We’ll starve to death and we don’t want that, right?

Reality showed me the error of my ways.
It showed me that I couldn’t let my dream stay.
It showed me that it only brought chaos and grief.
It showed me that my dreams didn’t provide relief.
It showed that my dream couldn’t save the day.

I began to see that maybe my dream is nothing but an illusion.
A trap I created so I could call something a passion.
With all the trouble it has brought to my life,
Maybe it’s time I bring an end to its life.
It’s time to sacrifice it and to be a part of the strife.

When all these thoughts came crashing through,
I realized something that made me blue.
In this life, nightmares do come true
And there are dreams you simply can’t pursue.


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