Broken Hearted, losing a pet, poem, Poetry

A Tribute For You

Hey there Lazy boy, I wonder how you are.
I wonder what you’re doing up in the star.
I wonder if your running around the sky liked you used to.
I wonder if you’re lying down on those fluffy clouds too.

You know what Lazy boy, we miss you a lot.
We miss how you slept like a baby sloth.
We miss the way you’d around the house.
You kept running on circles like an ecstatic mouse.

I miss the way we used to play.
I miss the times we’d take you on a walk every Sunday.
I miss the way you’d chew on your squeaky toy.
I miss the way you’d annoy us ’cause you were a naughty boy.

Those were such happy times and I remember them vividly.
I remember everything and how you were always so jolly.
Those days were amazing and they can’t be replaced with money.
I will forever cherish your wonderful memory.

Though we are in grief because God took you home.
We know deep down that you’re not alone.
You have claimed your place among your brethren.
You now live peacefully and joyfully in the high heaven.

Lazy boy, we know you’re watching us.
We know you’re looking down and wagging your tail at us.
We love you Lazy boy and we know you love us too.
We miss you Lazy and we will never forget you.


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