Depression, poem, Poetry

The World Around Me

​​My reality swirls inside an abyss of self-sabotaging thoughts.
Thoughts of uselessness always linger inside.
My train of thoughts are nothing but chaotic fits I try to hide.
I am caught in an insidious war that I’ve long fought.

I am sorrounded by voices that echo from the past.
I am perpetually tormented by their screams of guilt.
I do not know how long I can last.
I’m standing at the precipice as I hold a dagger by its hilt.

I am scorned by images full of regret.
Forever trapped in visions I know I should forget.
But they surface everytime I turn off the lights.
Now I point the dagger towards me tonight.

I am engulfed by flames that scorches through my skin.
I am filled with self-loathing and anger from within.
I use the dagger to inflict more self-harm
And I end up reopening and making myself new scars.

I am haunted by thoughts that endorse suicide.
My state of mind locks on the thought of resignation.
I think that it’s the only way to escape this miserable situation.
It’s the only way to free myself and I know I’ll soon abide.

Because what sense is there in a life full of wrong?
A life with nothing but suffering ever since you were born.
A life that makes people blind to the good deeds that you do.
A life where people can only see the worst in you.


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