Alone, Depression, poem, Poetry, reality

Reality Inside A Frame

I want to paint you a picture
Of a boy who have lost his way.
He frantically searches for a trail every day.
A trail that would lead to a better future,
But he is always greeted by dismay.

The picture shows the boy on his knees.
His body is covered by wounds and bruises.
His sunken eyes show he is fatigued,
As he gasps for air while he breathes.

The backdrop shows nothing but trees,
Trees engulfed by darkness.
The ground is covered by blood and feces,
While the sky offers no hope of brightness.

In this dark and damp limbo he is in,
He desperately struggles to survive and win.
But the world he lives in is a cruel one.
A world that leaves him on the run.

Deaths occur everywhere, from here to there.
It is a sadistic world where no one is spared.
A world that offers no help or care.
A world that revolves around chaos and despair.

Does this sound familiar to you?
Do you feel like you’re inside this world too?
Do you feel like the boy in the picture is you?
Do you think the world in the frame is true?

I want to paint you a picture
Of a boy who lost his way.
A boy who could be anybody,
It could be you or me.
A boy who struggles everyday
To grasp a better future,
Only to be greeted by dismay.


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