Disappointments, jobless, poem, Poetry, unemployed

Y U No Let Me Work?!

I lay around the house with nothing to do.
I just finished cleaning the place too.
I lie down idly on an indoor hammock.
I listen to every beat and tick of the clock.

It’s been five months now and I’m still unemployed.
I can’t help but feel like I’m being toyed.
Toyed by fate, it’s clearly playing with me.
It wants to rid me of any opportunity.

It’s funny how things turned out this way.
I thought my life was beginning to be okay.
But alas, the irony is rich where I stand.
I have again been dealt with fate’s cruel hand.

No income to support myself in this lonely house.
I’m just as broke as a dirty city mouse.
No point in complaining
Because that won’t change a thing.
But I do need to rant and vent out my suffering.

So here I am, doing nothing productive.
I miss those days that I was able to give.
To provide for the people I want to help.
But circumstance has deemed for me to live,
A life as a jobless and useless whelp.


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