Broken Hearted, Depression, messy relationships, poem, Poetry, reality, tired of people

I Can’t Take This Anymore

Do you know what it feels to be ripped apart?
Like having your guts turned inside out?
I bet you never experienced the truest feeling of a broken heart.
How could you feel it, when you’re the one constantly dishing out.

Dishing out pain and misery, making ourselves gloomy.
You claim that those thoughts just come out and you can’t control it.
Like the rising tides, for you those emotions are a part normality.
Though I knew you were consumed by your chaotic habits,
I still mistook your insanity as a thing of beauty.

But now I see that this just can’t be.
I can’t live with you and you can’t live with me.
A life with you would only be a tragedy
And I would sacrifice temporal bliss to become genuinely happy.

You see me as the one at fault, you see me as the enemy.
You see me as the one who corrupted your joyful memory.
You see me as the one who caused you so much envy.
You see me as the one who betrayed your trust as a partner and family.

You keep bringing up the past as if those memories could last.
Yet you seem to have forgotten a simple fact you don’t want to grasp.
The fact that you control what your mind entertains.
You can’t control what comes to it, but you can choose which thoughts to keep or flush down the drain.

You keep on demonizing me for mistakes that weren’t even that bad.
You keep complaining about your heartache and that I’m just like my dad.
You keep on killing me with the words you say.
Yet you act like you’re the one who’s the victim every single day.

It’s not like I cheated on you and had sex with someone else.
Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a scorpio which makes you super intuitive, right?
So answer me this, how many times have I, without a doubt cheated, do you have a guess?
The answer is zero, you poisonous arachnid trite.

Yeah I talk to girls and yes, I’ve sent a text message to a girl with a kiss.
Now I’m not trying to cover myself, but to be fair,
She was my best friend’s nephew and I simply thought of her as a little sis.
It’s not like I had a plan to bang her, like that would be disgusting.
I’d feel like I was having sex with my best dude like brokeback mountain.
But we’re not done yet, oh you still have some flair.
You even took the liberty to say you spoiled my unfaithful intentions as if it was there.

Well now it’s time to shut up girl, I’m tired of your nagging.
It’s time we faced the music because we had this one coming.
We tried to fix it and there were times we thought we could.
But this never ending cycle is the biggest proof that we’re better off alone as we should.


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