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The Man and His Empty House

A man lived alone in his quiet house.
It was an empty home devoid of life.
There was no one with him, not even a sneaking mouse.
Although the place was peaceful, he still lived in strife.

His life was meaningless and it was empty like a discarded bottle.
He was tired and weary from all of the battle.
The battle that he fought for all these years.
All of his hardship, his sweat and tears.

But then he found a creature that tugged at his heart.
A creature that was helpless and whose life had been torn apart.
He took it home and showered it with love and care.
He saved the creature from a life of pain and despair.

Now, the stray dog fills him with joy.
He now has a friend and a companion, not merely a toy.
A companion who is loyal and would never leave his side.
A friend who would be his, until the day he died.

A man used to live alone in his quiet and empty house.
But now it is full of life, thanks to the dog he brought into his house.


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