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Cheer Up

Sunshines and kittens aren’t really my thing.
If I were to compare my life with anything,
It’d be the video games Silent Hill and Evil Within.
Games of constant torment, horror and struggle.
A life of misery and hardship accompanied by trouble.

As horrible and as gruelling as my life truly is,
I admit there are things to be happy about.
Like how my cats and dogs bring joy to me and bliss.
Like how a scrumptious meal satisfies my mouth.

Like when I read my poems and I find myself in awe.
Amazed by the fact that they are something I wrote.
Poems that deliver mixed emotions like “yuck” and “awww.”
Poems in which I embedded my dreams and hope.

Like when I listen to some music to calm my furious brain.
Like how the Sun would shine through your window pane,
And say to you “Good morning. It’s me again!
It’s a new day so forget about your sorrows and pain!”

So stop your sulking and your crying.
Put a smile on your face that’s always frowning. There are lots of things to be thankful for.
So cheer up and don’t let your day be a bore.


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