climate change, global warming, poem, Poetry, reality

Torrid Humid, Weather Swelter

Something is wrong,
Something isn’t right.
Like the heat is too strong
And the sun shines too bright.

I remember when I was kid,
When playing and eating was all I ever did.
It wasn’t this freaking hot.
Right now, I feel like I’m inside a boiling pot.

Here in Cebu, the temperature is very humid.
90 degrees Fahrenheit, yes this true.
If we convert that to Celsius, as I what I did,
The equivalent number is around 32.

Now take a look at those numbers, alright?
And tell me what do you conclude.
You think people here are burning, right?
You probably think the heat forced us to go nude.

You might think this is a joke,
Made by some dimwit bloke.
I wish I was telling you this inside a comedy booth.
But this is really an inconvenient truth.

The world’s global temperature is indeed rising.
That’s why reports of heat stroke are also increasing.
That’s why the ice on the poles are constantly melting.
That’s why arctic creatures are slowly dying.

The average temperature on all land and ocean surfaces
Has warmed to 0.85 degrees Celsius.
That’s 1.53 degrees in Fahrenheit
And that’s a rising number we should fight.

If global warming continues,
It’s not just the animals who will perish soon.
Every living being on Earth will be doomed.
All thanks to humanity’s abuse.

Sea levels will rise and the soil will die.
Vegetation won’t grow no matter how hard we try.
Potable drinking reservoirs will soon go dry.
Almost all life on this planet will undergo extinction,
As we slowly die from hunger and dehydration.

Future generations will have nothing left
Except for a barren place.
A world abandoned to a state of bereft.
A world that has clearly fallen from grace.

Is this the kind of legacy we want to leave?
Is this the kind of thing we wish to pass on?
We wouldn’t want our offsprings to suffer, I believe.
That’s why we must move and take action!

If we truly want to save our existence,
We have to take care of Mother Earth.
If we continue to be negligent and dense,
We end up losing the planet of our birth.


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