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I Need Everyone’s Help

This post will not be like my previous ones, but it’s about a poem. I’ll be blunt here, I need help. I joined a poetry competition and I submitted my piece via Facebook. I need to increase the number of “likes” so my piece has a chance of winning. I haven’t posted that poem here yet because the competition is still on going. This is the last day for voting, so I’m hoping to get everyone to help me out. Click the link to check it out. Just click on the “English Category” photo then start scrolling down to find my name, Kregian Vareare Miral, and give my piece a thumbs up because it would really help me out a lot.

I thank all of you for the support you’ve given me and don’t worry, whether I win or lose, which is I’m pretty confident that I’ll win with all of your help, I’ll keep making poems. Poetry is in my blood and to deny it, is to deny myself of living my life. Again, thank you and stay awesome guys!


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