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Let’s Stop and Think


I look at a world in disarray.
I stare at a world with such dismay.
Will there ever come a peaceful day?
Will all of our heartaches truly go away?

I ask the human species, will this nightmare end?
How long must we kill ourselves before we become friends?
Is this madness something we cannot apprehend?
Can’t we just heal each other’s wound and make amends?

How many innocent lives must suffer in our chaotic ways?
Why can’t we just discuss things in a peaceful way?
Is violence truly inevitable and do we not have a say?
Can’t we decline war and utter the word nay?

How many more animals must go extinct?
Can’t we simply pause for a minute to stop and think?
Can’t we ponder about the after effects if we push them to the brink?
What would happen to the world if they were gone in a blink?
We’ll die along with them and wouldn’t that stink?

It’s funny how we named our species “wise man.”
In reality, we are foolish creatures who think we own this land.
We are smart, but not too smart to come up with a plan.
A plan that makes us help each other hand to hand.

Let’s open our eyes and look at what really matters.
Let’s accept that all of us are one, there are no others.
What matters is the life of this world and the life of all who lives in it.
Because this world is our home and only by sharing it,
Will we finally find a way to stop our destructive habit.


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