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Be Thankful

Give thanks for the people who were there for you.
Give thanks for the pets too.
Give thanks for the hardships and lessons in your life.
Give thanks for your loyal and loving wife.

Give thanks for the money you have right now.
Give thanks for the moments you were financially down.
Give thanks for the food that is on your plate.
Give thanks for the times when you barely ate.

Give thanks for the laughter that escaped your mouth.
Give thanks for the tears that your eyes let out.
Give thanks for the happy moments that you can remember.
Give thanks for the sadness that made you stronger.

Give thanks for everything that happened to you.
Everything was a blessing and a lesson too.
Everything happened for the purpose of moulding you.
So be thankful for the experiences and the Universe and God too.
For they are the ones who shaped you.


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