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Keep Your Youth

We laughed and ran towards the open field.
We sat on the green grass and we giggled.
We watched the clouds change forms as time passed,
We enjoyed every moment of what a child can yield.

We studied hard and burnt out ourselves with lessons and assignments.
We buried ourselves with academical books and got lost in their labyrinths.
We drank heavily on the weekends, without remorse or resentment.
We fell in love with a bunch of people and we drowned ourselves during those moments.

We started to walk our separate paths during this time.
We started getting married, have kids, while some stayed single and said they were
We got 9 to 5 schedules, ended up working most of the time.
We lost the chance to connect and have a few drinks or go out and fine dine,
But we knew our friendship never fell out of line.

We grew up too fast because we lived our lives like automobiles.
Dashing through dirt roads or paved roads,
Never truly minding the heavy load
That we carried on our backs that led to heartache and tears,
But it was alright.
Because we had friends we called families and we stayed up all night.
We gazed at the stars and we hoped for something better.
We wished for a drop of refreshing rain to wash away all that was bitter.

We were younger then and look at how much we’ve grown now.
We survived through the years and that is worth taking a bow.
We may miss the good old days, when everything was about fun.
So to all the friends we’ve lost, old friends we’ll be seeing and new friends we’ll be making,
Remember these words and take heed of what I’m saying.
We still have of plenty of years ahead of us, so don’t stop the run.
Keep on pushing and enjoying the times that are coming.
Keep those childhood memories and your spirit young, and don’t mind aging.


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