better state of mind, Inspirational, motivational, poem, Poetry, positive vibes, positivity

Hands On The Wheel

A vision, a dream, a coincidence and a sign.
It’s getting tougher to deny them and pretend I’m fine.
I’m slowly beginning to cross that thin line.
I think that very soon it will be time.

Time to capture and grasp what my heart shouts for.
I’m starting to feel its magnetizing lure.
I might not contain myself for very long.
I might suddenly jump into it, whether it’s right or wrong.

For I need to dive in the cold and unfamiliar water.
It might not be now, it might not be later,
But time will come when I’ll just throw away the ladder
And take a leap of faith towards a miracle or disaster.

But for now, I will be calm and well composed.
I will improve myself and strengthen my pros.
I shall control my drive and not allow it to swerve.
For my instincts will tell me when it’s time to hit the curb.


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