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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #15

I used to be so eager to find distractions.
Always running around anxiously, looking for action.
But now I realize that when there is no fun,
Creativity is born, if you sit with it, not run.

Alone, art, artist dilemma, loneliness, lonely, poem, Poetry

A Lonely Path

It’s funny how when you’re alone , you get so creative.
It’s like your brain took some extra strong laxative,
Making it excrete wonderful things and it becomes so imaginative.
You get to make one or two works of art and none of them feels repetitive.

It’s funny how when you’re alone, great things happen.
Like how your thoughts come together to help ripen,
That fruitful idea in your mind that has been long hidden.
Being alone is almost a requirement for anyone who is thinking,
About creating stuff, whether it’s painting, writing, sculpting or inventing.

However, being alone also triggers a lot of emotion inside.
Emotions that have been bottled up, the ones you’ve eagerly tried to hide.
Unhealthy thought processes also rise like the tide,
You’re tempted to listen to your demons and to their conversations you abide.

But probably the saddest truth that being alone can give,
Is the reality that you are a lonely soul and this is how you live.
Because you need to be alone to create beautiful works of art,
Even if the tax that you’ll be paying is having a lonely heart.