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A Bigger Smile

Sitting side by side with our faces on our phones.
We look like we’re together, but it feels we’re all alone.
We have our own worlds now with barriers thick as stone.
Our memories are no longer embedded deep within our bones.

We used to hug each other and talk for hours.
We used to laugh at lovers who prefer chocolates and flowers.
For we knew that our love would never grow old and sour.
But somehow it ended up losing all of its power.

Now we don’t even talk like we’re friends anymore.
We now look like people who’ve lost all their amor.
But maybe it’s for the best that we broke our hearts on the floor.
Maybe the best thing we did was slam the door.

It’s only been 4 months, but you look happier, yes you do.
Your smile is twice as bigger, compared to when I was with you.
And don’t worry I won’t take it personal that you’ve found someone new.
Because I realized something that is painfully true;
You certainly look happier when I’m not with you.

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Keep Your Youth

We laughed and ran towards the open field.
We sat on the green grass and we giggled.
We watched the clouds change forms as time passed,
We enjoyed every moment of what a child can yield.

We studied hard and burnt out ourselves with lessons and assignments.
We buried ourselves with academical books and got lost in their labyrinths.
We drank heavily on the weekends, without remorse or resentment.
We fell in love with a bunch of people and we drowned ourselves during those moments.

We started to walk our separate paths during this time.
We started getting married, have kids, while some stayed single and said they were
We got 9 to 5 schedules, ended up working most of the time.
We lost the chance to connect and have a few drinks or go out and fine dine,
But we knew our friendship never fell out of line.

We grew up too fast because we lived our lives like automobiles.
Dashing through dirt roads or paved roads,
Never truly minding the heavy load
That we carried on our backs that led to heartache and tears,
But it was alright.
Because we had friends we called families and we stayed up all night.
We gazed at the stars and we hoped for something better.
We wished for a drop of refreshing rain to wash away all that was bitter.

We were younger then and look at how much we’ve grown now.
We survived through the years and that is worth taking a bow.
We may miss the good old days, when everything was about fun.
So to all the friends we’ve lost, old friends we’ll be seeing and new friends we’ll be making,
Remember these words and take heed of what I’m saying.
We still have of plenty of years ahead of us, so don’t stop the run.
Keep on pushing and enjoying the times that are coming.
Keep those childhood memories and your spirit young, and don’t mind aging.

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The Man and His Empty House

A man lived alone in his quiet house.
It was an empty home devoid of life.
There was no one with him, not even a sneaking mouse.
Although the place was peaceful, he still lived in strife.

His life was meaningless and it was empty like a discarded bottle.
He was tired and weary from all of the battle.
The battle that he fought for all these years.
All of his hardship, his sweat and tears.

But then he found a creature that tugged at his heart.
A creature that was helpless and whose life had been torn apart.
He took it home and showered it with love and care.
He saved the creature from a life of pain and despair.

Now, the stray dog fills him with joy.
He now has a friend and a companion, not merely a toy.
A companion who is loyal and would never leave his side.
A friend who would be his, until the day he died.

A man used to live alone in his quiet and empty house.
But now it is full of life, thanks to the dog he brought into his house.

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What Happened To Me?

I wonder what happened to me, not to us.
We’ve fought a lot as we travelled inside this bitter-sweet bus.
We’ve experienced every emotion it has to offer us.
From feelings of anxiety and fuss,
To feelings of love and lust.

It has been a crazy ride
as we tumble and rise against the tide.
And even though times can get pretty rough,
I regret nothing and I do not regret our love.

But I do question some things from time to time.
Like what happened to me all this time?
Have I changed so much that I didn’t notice it?
I’m beginning to question the mirror and the person inside it.

I’ve been asking myself about what I truly feel.
Like how is it that I love you, but why does it seem unreal?
How is it that I love you, but I’m not crazy about you anymore?
How is it that I hate you, but at the same time someone I adore?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not choosing other people over you.
Trust me when I say that my love for you is stronger than ten to the power of two.
And I haven’t fallen in love with someone else or anything of that sort.
And if someone else fell in love with me,
All they’d get is my “NO” and abrupt retort.

I love you so much even words can’t describe it.
But I’m not crazy in love the way you are to me.
I wouldn’t really fret about it even a bit,
But I found this “crazy in love” a problem you see.

If I’m going to be honest, I feel bad about myself.
Like how am I not crazy about you when you’re the person I love the most?
I’m like your symbiotic parasite and you are my host.
Yet why am I not head over heels for you and that’s why I am at a loss.

Loss for words on how to justify what I feel.
If I’m not crazy for you, then how can I prove that my love is real?
Maybe that’s why we still haven’t compromised after six long years.
Maybe that’s why we still bicker about the same things I tire to hear.

I hate myself for not being able to love you back like I should.
I wish I can be an expressive lover like you, I really wish I could.
That way, you’ll stop doubting my love and everything would be good.
But I am not like that and I loathe myself because I’m not doing what a “good lover” should.

But despite all of my shortcomings, you’re still here to stay.
You’re still with me and you always make it a point to call me everyday.
I know I should be happy, but I’m honestly not.
I feel like everything is welling up towards a sickening plot.

You have been a very good partner and you’re the best one I’ve had so far.
But I can’t help but think that you and I are not on par.

I don’t deserve someone like you, I don’t deserve the love you have to give.
An amazing, beautiful and loving person like you shouldn’t be trapped to live
In this shitty life and with a shitty guy like me.
That’s why every so often when I pray,
I ask God to take you away
And find you someone else who is worthy.
I pray to God that you’ll find someone better than me.

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The Influence of Currency


Money, money, money.

Yeah, we all want a piece of it.

Hell, maybe not a piece, but a whole sack of it.

Once we have it, we’re probably contented… Probably.

But you see, that’s not the case,

‘Cause once we grasp it, things start to change.

We feel more powerful & in control.

We feel stronger than anyone & we’re invincible.

We feel higher than the average Joe.

We suddenly have the rights to discriminate John Doe.

We essentially become better than anyone else.

Unless they have a bigger pay-cheque & more furniture on their shelves.

We now have the audacity to mock people,

Just because they’re earning little.

We now think we’re cool & fancy.

Just because of our expensive clothes & jewelry

Oh man, look at what money has done.

It’s got all of us crazy, each & last one.

We now work for it like it’s a necessity.

Well, it’s a necessity due to its functionality.

That’s why we steal & kill for it.

That’s why we betray everyone for it.

Because of what money is for,

Some would willingly become a whore.

I don’t blame us for going to such length.

I understand its value & also its strength.

I know it has the power to change me & you,

But that’s something we shouldn’t let it do.

Unfortunately, that is what’s happening.

A paper, telling us what to do.

It’s a reality which is very disturbing.

A reality we can’t see ’cause we’re too busy to.

We’re too busy to notice

That it’s deforming our being.

It’s corrupting every ounce of our dignity.

It’s corroding every last inch of our humanity.