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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #24

I’ve never really been a patient man.
I’ve always sped through life as I quickly ran.
But God stopped me and taught me to be calm.
So I sat down and held his inviting palms.

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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #8

I thought silence and isolation would tear me apart.
I thought it will break every piece of my heart.
But it was in them I found a new place to bloom and start.
They served as light in the dark, they were the spark.

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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #6

Feel the warmth of the sun and the refreshing breeze.
Don’t let your thoughts get you down, just relax and be at ease.
Take a moment to pause, look at the lush green leaves.
Live your life today with a smile, be happy and at peace.

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Building Bridges for Peace

                    Peace, fragile word that lives in the hearts of people who wants to live in prosperity & success. But in our current generation, peace is like the wind; you can feel its breeze but you can never hold it with your hand. A great hero & doctor once said “The youth is the hope of our future”. If that’s so, a question rises with it, how can the youth build bridges for peace?

                    Peace of mind is what makes a person successful & the world peaceful. You can never be peaceful to others if you are not in peace with yourself. That’s the most common problem with the youth today; they are at war with themselves that leads to drastic decisions that they will later on regret. If they are not at war with themselves, they lack guidance from family members or they have a case of broken family, & a broken family is always a hard thing. The thought of being alone in the world makes them scared & restless, that’s why they resort to joining sororities or groups in which they assume they’ll find “brotherhood”, but what they don’t know is that the group they’ve joined has little to no understanding about the word. This is the reason which makes them more misguided because they are being tricked in joining a false group that offers a fake brotherhood & a hallucinated form of the word “You are not alone”.

                    The youth also has the tendency to rush things. They want to have everything instantly; they’re always in a hurry because they have this belief that they might lose the great things if they’re too slow, but what they don’t know is that they’ve still got a lot ahead of them & the best is yet to come. They’re impatient because they’re afraid that they might get left behind. They think that the world is moving too fast for them & that they have to catch up, which is absolutely wrong because everybody has their own pace, & if you don’t follow your pace, if you try to catch up with everybody else, the results will only be disappointing. This is also one of the many reasons why the youth lack peace of mind. Fortunately, there are still those who remain patient, but those are the ones who’ve had guidance from their parents or from other people who care for them.

                    Aside from prosperity & development, for the world to be in a state of perpetual success, the world must have peace. Imagine the world as a mind & the one who owns that mind is the youth. Our generation’s youths are mostly misguided, that’s why most of them are considered as a nuisance & a waste of time. Our youths minds are clouded & are brainwashed by what they see in the Televisions, the streets, the adults & everyday life. In short, most of our youths today have no peace of mind. Let’s go back to imagining the world is the youth’s mind, if the youth has no peace of mind then world peace is unattainable. Simply put, the youth can be the cause for peace, they have the capability & the ability, what they lack is the guidance, the will, & the enlightenment that peace is within them.

                    The youth will ask “How can we attain peace of mind? Where should we start? What should we do first?” the common what, who, where, when, how question. I myself am a youth (at heart, I’m 21 years old now haha) & I have often asked those questions & the most common response I get is “That’s all up to you”. At first, I always get frustrated by that kind of response, but now I get what they mean, because after numerous help from friends, family, teachers & loved ones, I’ve realized that peace is within me & that I’ve always had it. That is where our teachers, families, & the ones who are wiser than us steps in. They are the ones who can help the youth attain peace of mind, because they are the ones who can help the youth realize their capabilities, abilities, importance, & the peace they have in them. Although it’s true that misguided youths are hard headed, but with proper guidance & help, even the most thick skulled  youth in the world would turn out as a great & successful individual someday.

                    The youth is like a growing tree. If you leave it alone without tender loving care, it will grow with a weak foundation & it could easily perish & be washed away in times of rain. But if you take care of it in the best way you can, it will grow into a tall & durable tree, with roots & a foundation as hard as steel. The youth are misguided which resulted in the absence of their peace of mind, but if we help them realize that peace never left them, that peace is only lying dormant within them & waiting to be awakened, then they will lead us into prosperity & not only prosperity, but also towards peace. A peaceful man shares his peace of mind with the world, if we help our youth have peace of mind, then they will surely share that peace to the world, & that is how they will build bridges for peace.