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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #19

Humans only change when they reach the precipice.
When they get to the lowest point throughout their life,
Things start to shift and they either become the best,
Or fail the life changing test and be bound to strife.

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What Would Death Feel Like?

‚ÄčI wonder what death feels like.
I wonder if there’s a sudden rush as if I was riding a bike.
I wonder if it would feel as though I’m floating in the air.
Slowly getting higher as I escape my despair.

I wonder if I asphyxiate as my brain begins to suffocate.
I wonder if I will get relief from all of my grief.
I wonder if I would feel satisfaction for my decision.
Because after all, I was the one who caused my extinction.

I wonder if it would be painful or if that would depend.
Depend on how I would opt for my life to end.
I wonder if Death would come visit me and take my hand like a friend,
Or if he would grab me by force with no chance for me to defend.

I wonder if my life would flashback through my eyes.
I wonder if I would see again my miserable life.
I wonder if I would witness my struggle and strife,
As I slowly slip away and die.

I wonder if I would finally find the peace I’ve been desperately looking for.
I wonder if it would finally free me from my tormentor.
Or would it only cast me to another place full of horror.

I guess there’s only one way to find out, but I can’t opt out.
Because my death would be a selfish exit and it would only bring pain.
It would only cause emotionally strains
To the people and pets I care for.