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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #24

I’ve never really been a patient man.
I’ve always sped through life as I quickly ran.
But God stopped me and taught me to be calm.
So I sat down and held his inviting palms.

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You and Me

After everything that’s happened between me and you,
I realized something that at this moment is true.
Something changed inside my mental hue.
As if something snapped in half that couldn’t be fixed with glue.

But it’s not a bad thing, it’s quite the contrary.
My eyes are now clearer, making me see.
See new things about you that wasn’t there before.
I finally saw something that silenced my core.

I’m now filled with this calmness I cannot explain.
As if I’m being showered with a tranquil rain.
Though it never truly takes away the pain,
At least now I can keep myself sane.

I have accepted the fact that you don’t want me.
I have accepted that you have a new person to see.
Though I used to be scared of what the future could be,
I’ve now come to terms that there’s no longer a “You and Me.”