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(1 verse, 4 lines) – #29

I used to be afraid of pushing myself to the limit.
Always avoiding the sacrifices and hardships I knew I needed.
But now I face them head on, while I smile although exhausted.
‘Cause shit just got real and I won’t stop ’til I reach my dreams and grab it.

better state of mind, Chasing Dreams, Growing Up, Inspirational, motivational, poem, Poetry, positive vibes, positivity

(1 verse, 4 lines) – #11

They say that a dream is a wish your heart makes.
Well, I don’t know about that dream for it is quite far fetched.
But if my dream comes true, despite my mistakes,
I’d apply the lessons I’ve learned and make a better sketch.

Chasing Dreams, Depression, Disappointments, Giving Up, Poetry

I Once Had A Dream

When you hear the word “dream”
What comes into your mind?
Is it an eternal flow of grandiose fantasy?
Is it a mountain of ice cream?
Is it an image of something or someone you’ve been longing to find?
Or is it about bending the very fabrics of reality?

When I hear the word “dream”
Something inside me screams!
It shouts about a life-long goal.
A life-long conviction I’ve been trying to reach.
But as reality slowly creeps in and breach,
I find that my dream is not what’s best for all.

I say it’s not best because of what it’s done.
It only provokes my partner and that isn’t right.
I’ve been doing it for three years and the result is still none.
If I focus on it, an idea that’s not too bright,
We’ll starve to death and we don’t want that, right?

Reality showed me the error of my ways.
It showed me that I couldn’t let my dream stay.
It showed me that it only brought chaos and grief.
It showed me that my dreams didn’t provide relief.
It showed that my dream couldn’t save the day.

I began to see that maybe my dream is nothing but an illusion.
A trap I created so I could call something a passion.
With all the trouble it has brought to my life,
Maybe it’s time I bring an end to its life.
It’s time to sacrifice it and to be a part of the strife.

When all these thoughts came crashing through,
I realized something that made me blue.
In this life, nightmares do come true
And there are dreams you simply can’t pursue.

Chasing Dreams, Poetry

Elusive Dream

Chasing Dreams Doodle by Camden Watts

What is the use of this talent?

What am I here for if I can’t be a poet?

Am I supposed to live my life like a lifeless puppet?

Should I throw away my gift & just dump it?

‘Cause I’ve seen other people make their dreams come true.

I’ve seen them do amazing things, they thought they couldn’t do.

I’ve seen them reach the heights of their success.

I’ve seen how they’ve conquered obstacles & rise above the rest.

I see people coming from the bottom & then rise.

I see them flying high above the ground

While I see myself drowning in demise.

I see them turn everything around.

I ask myself: What am I doing wrong?

Is this path not where I belong?

Is my talent weak & is it not that strong?

Will my turn on the spotlight ever come along?

I see other people getting recognitions.

I see them living out their sweet ambitions.

I see people supporting them for what they do.

Now, will that ever happen to me too?

I’m loyal & true to my chosen craft.

Hell, I honestly even think it chose me to be on the draft.

‘Cause I can get other hobbies & excel at other things.

But being a renowned poet has always been my dream.

I don’t want to be remembered as an “Employee of the Month.”

I don’t want to be remembered as a simple grunt.

I just want to be remembered as a poet who touched people’s lives.

I just want to mend people’s heart & make them feel alive.

I just want to make people feel that someone understands them.

I just want them to read what I’ve written

In the hopes that they’ll say “I can totally relate to what he’s saying.”

I just want to communicate & touch their hearts from within.

So, when will my time come along?

I hope it wouldn’t be that long.

I hope it’ll be my turn to step forward.

I hope I’ll be the next in line.

‘Cause I no longer plan on walking backwards.

Maybe my ambitions will be realized in due time,

But I’ll aim to make it come true with every single rhyme.