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A Bigger Smile

Sitting side by side with our faces on our phones.
We look like we’re together, but it feels we’re all alone.
We have our own worlds now with barriers thick as stone.
Our memories are no longer embedded deep within our bones.

We used to hug each other and talk for hours.
We used to laugh at lovers who prefer chocolates and flowers.
For we knew that our love would never grow old and sour.
But somehow it ended up losing all of its power.

Now we don’t even talk like we’re friends anymore.
We now look like people who’ve lost all their amor.
But maybe it’s for the best that we broke our hearts on the floor.
Maybe the best thing we did was slam the door.

It’s only been 4 months, but you look happier, yes you do.
Your smile is twice as bigger, compared to when I was with you.
And don’t worry I won’t take it personal that you’ve found someone new.
Because I realized something that is painfully true;
You certainly look happier when I’m not with you.

Alone, Depression, Losing Someone, Poetry

I Aim to Forget


My day consists of hangovers and vomits.
I wake up in a haze of nausea.
I’m trying to avoid reliving happy moments.
I honestly wish I had amnesia.

So I could forget you,
The reason I’m blue.
‘Cause you left me with this miserable goo
That sticks like glue.

I drink a shot of tequila
And gulp down a bottle of vodka.
I then meet up with Molly,
In hopes that she can make me jolly.

I numb myself so I could block the pain.
I learned how to play this reckless game.
The game of vices, acting as my saviors.
My momentary escape are drugs and liquors.

‘Cause it’s the only way my memories won’t bother me.
‘Cause thoughts of you are corrupting my sanity.
The grief and agony are driving me to insanity.
So I need to stay high, ’cause the only cure is apathy.
‘Cause drifting away is what makes me happy.